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Conservatory Furniture

Choosing the right conservatory furniture is the key to making your conservatory conform to your personal needs. We stock a fabulous range of conservatory furniture in a host of individual designs, each of which will transform your home as if by magic. And if you are in need of something tailored totally towards you, our custom-made furniture service will allow you to create the exact image of your desires – perfect for those with special requirements or conservatories of an awkward size.

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Highest Grade Materials

Conservatory furniture should not only be stylish, it must also be durable. All conservatory furniture needs to cope with conditions that are typical in any conservatory: humidity, extremes of temperature, and exposure to sunlight. When buying from us, you can rest assured that your furniture will withstand all of the above; our conservatory furniture is fashioned from materials of the highest grade, making it robust, beautiful and long-lasting.

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Extensive Selection

We have an extensive selection of conservatory furniture that has been crafted from quality natural rattan – an attractive yet strong material with a resilience that makes it ideal for furniture for the conservatory. From simple dining chairs to sumptuous suites, our range of handwoven rattan conservatory furniture has something to suit every style and budget.

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Seagrass Furniture

Like rattan, seagrass is a perfect material when it comes to creating conservatory furniture, and its natural tones will brighten any conservatory. Whether you are seeking tables, sofas, or chairs, our seagrass wicker furniture cannot fail to please, and the tasteful designs and gentle hues will blend with a large number of conservatory furniture items from our cane and rattan collections should you wish to mix and match.